A selection since October 2011:
Brunch (a.k.a. Dinner) Exchange Berlin, Effizienzhaus Berlin, 15 Sep 2013.

Brunch Exchange_invite

Dinner Exchange Berlin invites you to a healthy Sunday brunch at Berlin’s Energy House Plus (Effizienzhaus). German efficiency at its best! The idea behind this new government venture is that the energy generated by the house is stored in suitable high-capacity batteries and used to, for example, recharge electric vehicles.Menu:Apple-red radish-salad, green salad, yellow pepper-onion-tarte, diverse herbal quarks, wild peach smoothie,  bread, homemade orange jam, coffee, tea.
Julia and Marie hang out with us after the brunch and help us clean up.
Julia and Marie stay a bit after the brunch and help us clean up.
It was very cosy. All seats were taken...
It was very cosy. All seats were taken…
… and a little extra corner had to be created.
Yellow pepper-onion-tarte.
Yellow pepper-onion-tarte.
Dinner Exchange Tbilissi-Venezia, Kamikaze Loggia, 55th Biennale di Venezia, May 2013.
We had exactly two hours from when the markets closed in Venice to the start of the dinner at the Loggia to make up a menu and cook the dinner.In those two hours we managed to prepare the following:Antipasti (with pasta): melanzane griglia, rucola with orange slices, creamy tomato dip, pickled asparagus, accompanied by Georgian wine.Thank you to Margherita Divari and Enkli Doja for all the help on the markets in the research process.

Antipasti (with pasta): melanzane griglia, rucola with orange slices, creamy tomato dip, pickled asparagus.
Preparation. It was a true performance.

Dinner Exchange Venezia_08

Everyone is listening to Daniel Baumann, one of the speakers of the talk.
Everyone is listening to Daniel Baumann, one of the speakers of the talk in the Kamikaze Loggia…
Payam Sharifi held a beautiful talk.
…waiting for the buffet to be opened.
Beautiful antipasti plates, co-prepared by Kamikaze artist Ei Arakawa.
Beautiful antipasti plates, co-served by Kamikaze artist Ei Arakawa.
Creamy tomato dip.
Creamy tomato dip, using soft cheese found in our fridge.
The buffet is open!
The buffet is open!
Dinner Exchange Venezia-Tbilisi aftermath.
Dinner Exchange Venezia-Tbilisi aftermath.
Dinner Exchange Berlin at andandand/ documenta (13) in Kassel, August 2012.
Cabbage, cabbage, cabbage
Buffet-style dinner. Theme: summer salads.

Buffet-style dinner. Theme: summer salads.

outside of the andandand-Turnhalle
Investigating urban cabbage at Huttenplatz.
on the food hunt with Nefeli Skarmea.

The Menu:

Cabbage salads with spicy Harissa-dressing, Green salads with fresh strawberry-dressing

Potato-zucchini salad with classic balsamico-dressing, Ratatouille with beans and bread

Apple compote with a hint of cinnamon and fresh mint

Thank you to Ayreen Anastas, René Gabri, Nefeli Skarmea, Greta Hoheisel;

to the merchants of the Kassel Markthalle: Petra Schminke, Bauernhof Graw, Familie Opferman, Vollkornbäckerei

Breakfast (a.k.a. Dinner) Exchange Berlin, KW Institute for Contemporary Art, 21 July 2012.
In the framework of the discursive and performative project VOICING RESPONSIBILITY.
What responsibility lies in culture? How does responsibility come into play in curatorial practice? VOICING RESPONSIBILITY initiates, together with experts from different disciplines, an impulse for the central question of taking on responsibility in the framework of curatorial processes. On the evening of July 20th 2012, the invited guests and the audience will exchange voices, perspectives, and ideas in the form of table conversations with statements, discussions, and artistic contributions. A communal breakfast with the contributors will elaborate on the topics of the evening and invites to participate in a resuming, further discussion.
Breakfast with contributions by:
Nils Aguilar (sociologist and filmmaker) with Markus Bier (geographer)
 – “Voices of Transitions” / Prinzessinnengärten (Susie Nelson, Svenja Nette, Lisa Gutermuth) / Valentina Karga (architect and artist)
 – Machine for Sustainable Living and Greenwasher, Sustainable Active Chamber / Marian Buchardt (sociologist and researcher)
 – “Is Responsibility a Gift? On the Ambivalences of Ethics in Neoliberalism”Juliana Piquero & Abel Navarro (performing arts practitioner) – 
performing responsibility _ decisions in transition

Homemade jams: nectarin-mint, apple-pear, apricot, melon-lemon
Banana & apricot smoothie
Bagels, muffins, scones, croissants, and bread

Thank you to Samara Grace Chadwick, Ron Ashraf, Barcomi’s, Ole Ekhoff (Lemonaid) and the merchants of the Maybachufer market.

“The Future of the World” – a dinner discusssion on the Tempelhofer Field, 17 June 2012.
Menu of the “Future of the World” Dinner:Green Salad with roasted vegetables, Asparagus Soup, Tarta de Patatas with mushrooms & onions & spinach, banana-kiwi smoothie / accompanied by red & white wine“The Future of the World” – a dinner discussion organized on Sunday, June 17th, 7pm, by pisteras3000 (Ana Vogelfang & Rosario Talevi), Valentina Karga (Berlin Urban Farm), and the Dinner Exchange Berlin within the framework of the Große Weltausstellung 2012, a collaboration between the HAU and raumlabor berlin.As a result of a workshop held during the third week of May together with the “Mediations” seminar, we created an installation whose main element is a large table with the Mappa Mundi, a beautiful drawing done by Matthias Rick (+), on its surface.The Mappa Mundi is an alternative representation of our planet today with regards to history and future, as well as to the matter of resources.In this context we invited Dinner Exchange Berlin to organize a dinner with leftover food from markets. Our dinner guests comprised a combination of people from different disciplines who discussed the “Future of the World”. Curator and artist Lukas Feireiss moderated this event.Invited speakers:
– Erik Göngrich (artist – documents Berlin’s history and development)
– Benjamin Foerster-Baldenius ( darstellender architect – raumlabor berlin)
– Stefan Schwarz (urbanist – independent structure for sustainable space research)
– Ayumi Matzusaka  (artist – works with cyclical systems)
– Fotini Lazaridou-Hatzigoga (architect and researcher – co-founder of PROGRAM)
– Judith Seng (designer – contemporary culture)
– Pieterjan Grandry (blogger – ‘crap is good’)
– Ben Kaden (placeblogger & urban sociologist)
– Nikos Green (neuroscientist – PhD candidate Freie Universität Berlin)
– Ute Meta Bauer (curator – Founding Director of the Program in Art, Culture, and Technology at MIT’s School of Architecture and Planning, Dean of the School of Fine Art, RCA London)
– Samara Grace Chadwick (documentary programmer, PhD candidate in Cultural Studies & Literary Interzones)
– Hector Huerga (15M activist & writer)
– Gregor Hutz (filmmaker – car & cities)
– Flaka Haliti  (artist – video, sound, installation, photography and performance)
– Ludwig Engel (spatial tactician – raumtaktik: office from a better future)

Artist Erik Göngrich on top of the Mappa Mundi.

Benjamin (raumlabor) elaborating on a point he made.


Dinner Exchange Berlin #1, 16th October 2011, 7pm

Dinner Exchange Berlin #1 entpuppte sich wider Erwarten als voller Erfolg!

Die Auswahl an Zutaten dieses Mal sehr begrenzt, sodass wir hauptsächlich aus Buttermilch, Pflaumen und Brot unser 5-Gänge Menü kreiiren mussten.

Das Menü bestand aus:

Apéro (LemonAid + Wodka)
Pflaumenchutney auf Rucola Salat
Gemüsequiche und Pappa di Pomodoro
Mango/Himbeer/Pina Colada Sorbet mit Minze und schwarzer Schokolade

Die Einnahmen beliefen sich auf 267 Euro (325 Euro minus unserer Ausgaben), die wir dieses Mal an Slow Food spenden möchten. Slow Food ist eine NGO, die es sich zur Aufgabe gemacht hat, die Kultur des Essens und Trinkens zu pflegen und lebendig zu halten. Weitere Informationen hierzu findet Ihr unter http://www.slowfood.de/.

Ein paar Eindrücke…

Dinner Exchange Berlin #1_Salad
Fresh rucola and cucumber salad.
Dinner Exchange Berlin #1_Soup
Buttermilk bean soup.
Vegetable quiche and pappà.
Dinner Exchange Berlin #1_Sorbet_Desert
Mango Sorbet dessert.
Dinner Exchange Berlin #1_Plums Bread
Plums and bread.
Dinner Exchange Berlin #1_Quiche_ingredients
Quiche ingredients
Dinner Exchange Berlin #1_table_dinner.JGP
Dinner Exchange Berlin #1_set table

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