Our raid.

Rhubarb mousse with Quark and Apple-Anise-Turnovers

Rhubarb mousse with Quark and Apple-Anise-Turnovers

Banana Bread

Banana bread – one of the best ways to use mushy bananas.


Small leek tartes.


Our salad creations ready for transport!


The morning buffet.

Proceeds from our Brunch Exchange at Berlin’s Effizienzhaus were used to organise a baking workshop at the Intercultural Gardens in Lichtenberg with families from the Wohnheim Werneuchenerstr.

Pizza in the making.

Pizza in the making.


Champions League finals previsited - the boys play football after making pizzas.

Champions League finals previsited – the boys play football after making pizzas.

Decorated goods.

Decorated goods.

The Gardens abloom!

The Gardens abloom!

Making Brötchen.

Making Brötchen.


The Garden Cafe.

The Garden Cafe.

Trading herbs - each gardener can take or leave whatever herb they want on this little table.

Trading herbs – each gardener can take or leave whatever herb they want on this little table.

Choosing ingredients.

Choosing ingredients.

The finished goods.

The finished goods.

Dinner Exchange_betterplace

Betterplace is a platform for donations. Anybody can help on – as an individual or as a group. And equally, anybody can receive help, not just large well-known charitable organisations, but also small grassroots initiatives around the corner from you, or anywhere in the world. Betterplace cuts the usual corners of administrative costs people generally associate with giving to charity. The main thing is: everything is transparent.

Dinner Exchange Berlin is looking to raise 550 Euros to buy cooking equipment for future dinners. If you would like to make a donation towards this, click on the link below:

Roma Issue. A project with Majority

Konin 12-20 October 2012

12 October: Opening Pavel Braila ‘Barons’ Hill’ and ‘Talking Letters’ & Marek Miller ‘Romani flag’      13 October: Artists, activists and talks in Romani Villa

 Art, architecture, talks, guided tours and camp fire

Artists, activists, researchers: Pavel Braila, Miklosz Deki, Miklosz Marek & Sara Czureja, Agnieszka Makuła, Piotr Marciniak, Anna Markowska, Marek Miller, Tamara Moyzes, Roma Preview Pavilion, Adam Paczkowski, Marjetica Potrč, Anna Prus, Árpád Schilling/Krétakör, Sandra Teitge/Dinner Exchange Berlin, Bronisława Wajs (Papusza), Leah Whitman-Salkin

Curated by Joanna Warsza, Part of Wielkopolska Revolutions curated by: Agata Siwiak

‘Roma Issue. A project with majority’ looks upon the biggest minority in Europe as a source of possible, not apparent but vital political and social inspiration. Roma are most often stigmatized and marginalized and even the social programs introduce an irreducible difference between the normative majority and the marked Other. ‘Roma Issue’ is an invitation to forget culture’s specific set of rules and asks how the Romani culture could become a horizon of the possible scenarios for reworking democratic tools, which kind of models could it provide when it comes to collectivity, mobility, post-nationalistic and anti-territorial agenda, general assemblies, or self-design and daring architecture.

The project consists of the first individual presentation of Pavel Braila’s work in Poland with ‘Baron’s Hill’: a video on the typology of the Romani villas in the Moldavian city of Soroca, and a trailer of his new project ‘Talking Letters’–a documentary on Romani language. As well as one day interventions in a beautiful Romani villa by artists, activists and researchers – including talks about ‘Border Theories’, which prove that a division minor versus major puts a threat to holistic perception of reality and guided tours on villa architecture of Polska Roma. A Romani flag will be hung on the top of the water tower – the seat of CCA Konin – an installation by the activist Marek Miller, seen also from passing trains on the Berlin-Warszawa express line.


12 October: Opening followed by talks in the house of Romani Leader

18.00-21.00: Gallery in Water Tower, Kolejowa 1a

Pavel Braila ‘Baron’s Hill’ & Romani flag on the Tower, an installation by Marek Miller

13 October: Open Doors in Romani Villa 12.00-18.00

Artists & Projects: Pavel Braila, Tamara Moyzes, Marjetica Potrč, Árpád Schilling, Roma Preview Pavilion, Bronisława Wajs (Papusza), Dinner Exchange Berlin

Talks with and by: Agnieszka Makuła, Anna Markowska, Anna Prus, Leah Whitman-Salkin,

Marek Miller, Mikosz Czureja, Piotr Marciniak, Sandra Teitge, Magda Kałużna-Krysińska, Damian Kruczkowski

12-20 October: Exhibition continues in the Water Tower Gallery

Wielkopolska Rewolucje / Wielkopolska Revolutions is a project commissioned by the Marshal Office of the Wielkopolska Region

working conditions

taking a break between the cooking action

The Menu:

Various salads –potato salad, lentil-bean-carrot salad, green-bean-salad with dried apricots and pomegranate dressing, zucchini salad with ginger and garlic– with peach pancakes

Thanks to: Obsthof Horst Siegeris (, Weinhandlung Suff, LemonAid, merchants of the Markthalle 9, and our volunteers & helpers Juliane Teitge, Ron Ashraf and Susie Nelson!

The donations went to Kulina e.V., an association concerned with better eating.