Detroit’s Gratiot Central Market.

Gratiot Market_01

Gratiot Central Market (GCM) was built in 1915 and its original use was for retail foods, primarily meat, as indicated by the three bull heads above the main doors.  Aside from meat, one could also purchase dairy products, eggs, relishes (pickles and such), as well as canned goods and ethnic foods at Gratiot Central Market – to complement the produce sold in the sheds.

Detroit Meat Market_01

The building was originally two stories and also housed a saloon and billiards hall.  Two fires significantly altered the building – the first in 1967, resulted in the building being reconstructed as a one-story building.  After the fire in 1995, almost the entire building was rebuilt.  The only remaining part of the original building is the exterior terra cotta wall along Gratiot Avenue.

Detroit Meat Market_02


All the market walls are filled with enchanting graffiti depicting the food on sale.

Detroit Meat Market_03Today, the merchants at Gratiot Central Market continue the tradition of selling every kind of meat imaginable – from Amish chicken to yellow-fin tuna.  

Detroit Meat Market_04

Detroit Meat Market_05

Detroit Meat Market_06


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