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On Sunday, 14th July, we served a brunch infused by herbs at the Effizienzhaus.

The menu comprised:

orange-fig-compote, banana-apricot smoothie, various Quarks with different herbs (blood dock, basil, sage, thyme, coriander, parsley), various dips, roasted peppers with sage, guacamole, various salads (tomato-cucumber, green salad with blood dock), a spinach and rucola salad tart garnered with agave syrup and copious amounts of bread from our loyal sponsor Weichardt Brot.

Thank you to everyone who attended, our CFO, Weichardt Brot, Coffee Circle and all the traders from the Winterfeldt market. We had a wonderful time and we hope you did too!

The guests chat over herb-infused food...

The guests chat over herb-infused food…

The view from the other side of the table

[Ex-]Changing perspectives

The guests leave for a tour of the Effizienzhaus.

The guests leave for a tour of the Effizienzhaus.

Dinner Exchange_Effizienzhaus_invite

Dinner Exchange Berlin invites you to a healthy Sunday brunch at Berlin’s Energy House Plus (Effizienzhaus) on 14 July, 2013, 12 midday.
German efficiency at its best! The idea behind this new government venture is that the energy generated by the house is stored in suitable high-capacity batteries and used to, for example, recharge electric vehicles.

We look forward to serve a menu made from unsold organic produce from the Winterfeldt market at this progressive venue (10€ per person).

There will be a tour of the house followed by a discussion about the efficiency of the Effizienzhaus.


Sandra & Sarah