Rialto Market Experience.

Good news: there is almost no waste in Venice!

We asked on the farmers’ markets, directly at the farms on Sant’ Erasmo, and on markets and at individual merchants in central Venice. Response: either they already have a  charitable mechanism in place to deal with food waste or they recycle it themselves.

A recent survey found that Italians are making better use of scraps and leftovers  as a result of the economic crisis.  59 percent of Italian families are reusing pasta, bread and vegetables to try to make their food last longer.  Traditional recipes are regaining popularity. In fact, there are many anti-waste recipes in traditional Italian cooking, i.e. pasta alla puttanesca (prostitutes developed this dish using leftovers in their brothels), minestrone (leftover vegetable and pasta soup), and panzanella (tomato salad with bread crumbs). This new trend should help cut down on food waste – Italians throw away 10 million tonnes of food every year.

With the help of a market worker called Samuel, we managed to gather: aubergines, zucchini, rucola, tomatoes, carrots, and oranges.

Rialto Markt_Samuel

Samuel, the key to our success.

Rialto Markt_aubergines_salad

Waste: hard to come by in Venice.

Waste: hard to come by in Venice.

Rialto Markt_Sandy

Sandra checking out her waste (there wasn’t much).

Sarah: happy with her two aubergines.

Sarah: happy with her two aubergines.


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