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During this event, there will be a commented visit of the STADTSCHAUM exhibition by the curators (Ingrid Sabatier & Stephan Schwarz from ISSSresearch) with the possibility to discuss related issues and questions, followed by a common dinner prepard by Dinner Exchange Berlin at the Alte Zollgarage, Former Airport Tempelhof, Berlin.
Free entry to the exhibition.
Menü: Blattsalat mit Paprika & Fenchel & Mango; Gurkensalat mit Petersilie; Zwiebel-Auberginen-Paprika-Couscous; frischer Obstsalat mit Minze.

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Apple compote


This proved to be quite a popular dish with our guests at the dOCUMENTA (13) dinner. The days of August in Kassel were filled with heat, so we wanted to create something refreshing as a dessert. We were presented with boxes full of tangy apples but no oven (which eliminated all ideas of making anything baked like a tart/crumble etc). However, we did have a pot huge enough to accommodate the masses of apples. So we made this apple compote. The mint and cinnamon add a real twist and the compote can be enjoyed warm or cold.

Ratio (alternate according to your resources)

20 apples:2 cinnamon sticks:1 bundle of mint

 1.  Peel and chop up however many apples you have

2.  Put them into a pot and boil at a low flame

3.  Add the cinnamon sticks and mint

4.  Stir continually whilst waiting for the compote to become fluid (add water if necessary)

5.  Take off the stove when the compote tastes like mint and cinnamon and cool.


This is one of our favourite recipes. We came up with this whilst cooking for the participants of the venture weekend organised by Climate KIC. Inspired by the Christmas season, we added almonds and figs to this Mediterranean salad. The recipe works just as well in the summer though – it’s simple, fresh and light. Enjoy!

Ratio for the salad (alternate according to your resources):

20 clementines: 6 oranges: 10 carrots: 15 almonds: 10 figs

  1. Chop up the clementines and oranges into small pieces
  2. Grate the carrots
  3. Mix it all up in a bowl
  4. Add the almonds and figs (chop into small pieces if necessary)

Ratio for the vinaigrette:

6 table spoons balsamic vinegar: 4 table spoons olive oil: 1 tea-spoon mustard: X salt & pepper

  1. Mix the vinegar and mustard first (the mustard dilutes better this way)
  2. Then add the rest of the ingredients and pour over the salad