Dinner Exchange // Open Innovation Slam Venture Weekend // 23rd Nov // 8pm

Dinner Exchange Berlin hosted a dinner for shortlisted candidates of the Open Innovation Slam competition organised by Climate KIC. Participants presented the panel with ideas on how to reduce energy in households. The dinner took place in the Gasometer area in Schoeneberg at urban-e’s garage.

The Menu:

Potato-Leek-Salad, Clementine-Orange-Carrot Salad with Almonds and Figs, Banoffee Pie with Pineapples, Ryvita-style Crackers with Guacamole and Tomato Dip, Kaki-fruit Quark with Anis and Cinnamon & roasted Almonds, Fresh Salad Plates

Thanks to:

Violetta, Carolin, Ron and Saskia for helping out;

our suppliers Weinhandlung Suff, Obsthof Siegeris, and LemonAid;

our host Climate KIC for organising the event;

and the start-up urban-e which supplied us with e-bikes (electric bikes with a cargo of up to 100kg essentially)  to carry the food from the markets!

Our work space


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