Breakfast (a.k.a. Dinner) Exchange Berlin at KW Institute for Contemporary Art

With contributions by:
Nils Aguilar (sociologist and filmmaker) with Markus Bier (geographer)
 – “Voices of Transitions”

Prinzessinnengärten (Susie Nelson, Svenja Nette, Lisa Gutermuth) –

Valentina Karga (architect and artist)
 – Machine for Sustainable Living and Greenwasher, Sustainable Active Chamber –

Marian Buchardt (sociologist and researcher)
 – “Is Responsibility a Gift? On the Ambivalences of Ethics in Neoliberalism”

Juliana Piquero & Abel Navarro (performing arts practitioner) – 
performing responsibility _ decisions in transition –

Voicing Responsibility – 
link to the radio Espacio Estacion (first 10 min intro with music):
Homemade jams: nectarin-mint, apple-pear, apricot, melon-lemon
Banana & apricot smoothie
Bagels, muffins, scones, croissants, and bread

Thank you to Samara Grace Chadwick, Ron Ashraf, Barcomi’s, Ole Ekhoff (Lemonaid) and the merchants of the Maybachufer market.


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