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During the 100 days of dOCUMENTA (13), AND AND AND is hosting and
organizing a programme that interweaves philosophical, poetical,
political, practical, pedagogical, psychical, and physical zones of
inquiry in one space/time. It is grounded in a conviction that, today,
all fields of human activity must critically re-examine the values,
assumptions, and modalities of doing.

As part of the programme, the Berlin-based charitable supper club Dinner Exchange Berlin
will host a dinner at the Turnhalle, starting at 8 pm.
On this occasion, we will be using unsold produce from local food markets and shops
in Kassel  to prepare and serve a beautiful meal.
Please rsvp to and specify your names and the number
of guests you wish to bring.

More information on all three initiatives here:


With contributions by:
Nils Aguilar (sociologist and filmmaker) with Markus Bier (geographer)
 – “Voices of Transitions”

Prinzessinnengärten (Susie Nelson, Svenja Nette, Lisa Gutermuth) –

Valentina Karga (architect and artist)
 – Machine for Sustainable Living and Greenwasher, Sustainable Active Chamber –

Marian Buchardt (sociologist and researcher)
 – “Is Responsibility a Gift? On the Ambivalences of Ethics in Neoliberalism”

Juliana Piquero & Abel Navarro (performing arts practitioner) – 
performing responsibility _ decisions in transition –

Voicing Responsibility – 
link to the radio Espacio Estacion (first 10 min intro with music):
Homemade jams: nectarin-mint, apple-pear, apricot, melon-lemon
Banana & apricot smoothie
Bagels, muffins, scones, croissants, and bread

Thank you to Samara Grace Chadwick, Ron Ashraf, Barcomi’s, Ole Ekhoff (Lemonaid) and the merchants of the Maybachufer market.

The Arthur Boskamp Foundation cordially invites you to the opening of SOLOSHOW,
by US-American, Berlin based artist Wiley Hoard (, on Saturday
the 21st of July at 3 p.m, curated by Michael Bonk.

At 7 p.m. a dinner will be served for everyone by the charitable supper club,
Dinner Exchange Berlin,
in collaboration with the Kochclub M.1 hosted by Sandra Teitge and Polina Soloveichik.

Delicious organic Turkey Dinner with Nectarin Chutney, Artichokes, Potato-Carrot-Gratin, stuffing, and green salad.

Thank you to Barcomi’s, Lemonaid, and the merchants of the Maybachufer market!

Breakfast Exchange_jams

KW Institute for Contemporary Art Berlin
Auguststr. 69
10117 Berlin

20 July, 2012, 7pm: round table conversations & artistic contributions
21 July, 2012, 11 am: Breakfast (a.k.a. Dinner) Exchange Berlin

What responsibility lies in culture? How does responsibility come into play in curatorial practice?

VOICING RESPONSIBILITY initiates, together with experts from different disciplines, an impulse for the central question of taking on responsibility in the framework of curatorial processes. On the evening of July 20th 2012, the invited guests and the audience will exchange voices, perspectives, and ideas in the form of table conversations with statements, discussions, and artistic contributions. A communal breakfast with the contributors will elaborate on the topics of the evening and invites to participate in a resuming, further discussion.

With contributions by Ul – rich Bernard, Beatrice von Bismarck, Ellen Blumenstein & Daniel Tyradellis, Breakfast (a.k.a. Dinner) Exchange Berlin, Andreas Liebmann, Juliana Piquero, Manuel Scheidegger, Ruth Sonderegger, Joanna Warsza, Agustina Woodgate and further guests.

Event in English and German. Please rsvp and specify which event you would like to attend until 15 July, 2012:
20 July: free entrance.
21 July: contribution to breakfast 10,- Euro

VOICING RESPONSIBILITY is organised by the project Well Connected, Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig ( in cooperation with KW Institute for Contemporary Art Berlin (

Responsible are: Nicola Beißner, Carolin Hochleichter, Vera Lauf, Sandra Teitge, Edda Wilde.