Kulturpark Collaborators

After months of planning, organising and co-ordinating things across countries, channels and technological borders, we are now proud to present our dinner team for the upcoming Kulturpark festival in June.

Our dinner partners will each be taking charge of one dinner in the Kulturpark and will be supported by the amazing group of young people that have offered to volunteer for this event.

A preliminary thank you to all of you!
Dinner Partners

Gartenstudio, Malte Zacharias, http://www.gartenstudio.de

” …Der Augenblick – so lang wie das Jahr / Das ganze Jahr – in einem Augenblick.”

Food Systems Planning, Lynn Peemoeller, www.foodsystemsplanning.com

“The future of food is blue like an orange”

Projekt Umdenken, Florian Kliem, “Possibilities to a Better Life”

Merkezi, Mark Pennock, a space in Berlin-Kreuzberg, devoted to the convergence of culinary & visual arts, http://merkeziberlin.com/

culinary misfits, Tanja Krakowski and Lea Brumsack,
“Esst die ganze Ernte!”, culinarymisfits.de

raumlabor, experimental architectural practice & a new approach to urbanity, http://www.raumlabor.net/


Iro Stratigaki, studied Cultural Technology on a sunny greek island / joined a travel-through-Europe MA in Urban Cultures / currently cooking ‘food for thought’ in Berlin

Elisa Cavatorta, SOAS post-doctoral fellow in developing economics, with a special interest in food security, agriculture and health. http://sites.google.com/site/elisacavatorta01/
“The world and its cultures are there to be discovered, and discover yourself through them.”


experience a magical moment

in time: JUN 28 – JUL 1, 2012


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